I’ve Often Wondered…

2 07 2009

This is what happens when you take things too literally...



9 12 2008



28 10 2008

Yo momma's so <derogatory adjective=""> that when she <verb>, she <verb>.</verb></verb></derogatory>

‘Sup Everyone

10 10 2008

‘sup everyone and welcome to THE ANY KEY. The Any key is a webcomic designed by Tamasys and I. The first comic should go up later today. This blog is brand-new, so we apologise for the unfinished look. Eventually, the comic will be transferred to Tamasys’s website once it has been revamped. For now, enjoy ‘The Any Key’.

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen difficulties in the production of the comic its has been delayed temporarily. Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice day.

UPDATE: A comic will be uploaded tomorrow. I mean it this time. I have two just waiting to be scanned in.